Islamister inte välkommna i Wootton Bassett.

5 januari, 2010

Islam4UK vill återigen håna de döda engelska soldaterna. Men nu har kommunfullmäktige bett dem hålla sig undan Wotton Bassett. Från Timesonline.

”Wootton Bassett called for politics to be kept out of its commemorations of Britain’s Afghan war dead today as a Muslim extremist group threatened to hold a demonstration in the town.
Al Muhajiroun said its followers intended to march through the town carrying empty coffins as a protest against Britain’s presence in Afghanistan.
But Wootton Bassett town council appealed to the group to stay away and said it was “opposed to any form of political march, protest or demonstration by any individual, group, organisation or party through the town if the subject of such an event has any reference to the conflicts in Iraq or Afghanistan”. The call for the march came from Anjem Choudary who describes himself as UK leader of al-Muhajiroun. The group, which was founded by the exiled cleric Omar Bakri Muhammad, has a history of announcing inflammatory events and then cancelling them.
Mr Choudary claimed that 500 protesters would join such a demonstration, but his group is thought to have fewer than 50 members.
Last year it proposed a march in support of Sharia in Britain but abandoned the event claiming there had been threats of counter-demonstrations.
In 2002 it marked the first anniversary of the September 11 attacks with a ”conference” under the banner ”A Towering Day In History”. ”

Visar bara att de hela tiden är på och vill starta bråk. Fredens religion, bah humbug.