Uppenbarligen fungerar staketen i Ungern.

9 juni, 2016

”Construction of the fence along the Hungarian-Serbian border began in June 2015 and concluded just a few months later. The Hungarian government spent an estimated $120 million on the fence, a price kept relatively low by the flat topography and the manpower of 300 prisoners and more than 900 soldiers.

“The government started to construct a fence and, in the very last phase, there was still a gate open for people,” said Péter Balázs, Hungary’s former minister of foreign affairs and now head of Central European University’s Center for European Union Enlargement Studies in Budapest.

“Then … they closed that gate.”

On Sept. 15, 9,000 illegal crossings were detected, the Frontex report said. A day later, the number was a mere 410.

But it wasn’t only the fence that stopped the migrants. It was an influx of police and soldiers from all over the country that the Hungarian government sent to patrol the southern border. Since Hungary and many European countries have for years allowed open, borderless-travel, they don’t have standing border patrols of their own.”

Sätt den kostnaden i paritet med vad massinvandringen av bidragsinvandringen kostar Sverige varje dag. Nu när till och med SR erkänner att ”ensamkommande flyktingbarn” varit en lögn från början till slutet.