Mr Bean, Rowan Atkinson, står upp för yttrandefriheten mao mot ”elitens” och islams försök att tysta kritiker !!!

21 oktober, 2012

Use it ! Or loose it !
The Creeping Culture of Censoriousness

The British actor Rowan Atkinson — better known to many of his fans as “Mr. Bean” — gave a much-noted speech a few days ago on behalf of the “Reform Section 5” campaign, which aims to overturn the provisions of British law that allow people to be criminally prosecuted if their words cause insult (or might cause insult) to someone.

Anticipating the need for translated and subtitled versions of the speech, Vlad Tepes has transcribed it, and used the transcript to subtitle Mr. Atkinson’s words in English:

If I’m not mistaken, a German translation is in the works.


Mvh Kurt