Hur Islam flyttar fram sina positioner.

9 augusti, 2012

Now the whole story of the Saudi girl who got Olympic rules changed so she could compete in judo wearing a hijab becomes clear. She has only been practicing judo for two years, and is only a blue belt. She was only in the Olympics by special invitation. This is like grabbing some guy from the local karate school, some guy who has been stopping in on Fridays for awhile to get back into shape, and throwing him into the Olympics. The purpose of Wojdan Shaherkani’s Olympic appearance was twofold: to comply with IOC pressure for female athletes from Sharia states like Saudi Arabia, and to turn that situation into a victory by pressuring the IOC for a concession on hijabs, thereby reinforcing the principle that wherever Islamic law and Infidel laws and practices conflict, it is Infidel laws and practices that must give way.

It was to reinforce Islamic supremacism that the world was treated to the spectacle of an inexperienced blue belt competing in Olympic judo.

”Saudi woman’s historic bow over in 82 seconds,” from AFP, August 3 (thanks to Kapil):

LONDON: Judoka Wojdan Shaherkani, the first Saudi Arabian woman to compete at the Olympics, sobbed as she admitted to being overwhelmed by her historic debut which lasted just 82 seconds on Friday.Looking nervous and wearing a black, swimming cap-style head covering, she was beaten by Melissa Mojica of Puerto Rico in the first round of the women’s under-78kg category.

After the fight, where she barely mustered a challenge, the 16-year-old broke down in tears as she embraced her father, himself a judo referee.

“I’m proud, I’m happy and I want to continue in judo. I want to thank the fans for their support,” she said.

“I was disturbed and afraid at the beginning, it was my first time in a big competition and there was a lot of pressure because of the hijab issue.

“I was not comfortable because I didn’t have any experience of big events. It took its toll on me.”

Shaherkani’s case sparked a huge controversy after International Judo Federation president Marius Vizer had said she would not be able to fight in a hijab, the traditional Muslim headscarf.

Judo rules ban any head-covering on safety grounds.

But Saudi officials had said their women – they have also sent 800m runner Sarah Attar – could only compete if they respected Islamic dress….

She was accompanied to the mat by her brother, who remained by her side throughout her media commitments.

The teenager has only been practising judo for two years and has a blue belt. If not for her special invitation, she would never have qualified for the Olympics.

”Muhammed ska döda judarna med sina bara händer”

12 januari, 2009

Från norska bloggkollegan Målmannen:

”Hayber hayber ya yehud!

Dette utropet er aa finna paa ein handplakat fraa Palestina-demoen i dag. Etter det som Rachel Suissa fraa Senter mot antisemittisme kann fortelja, so refererar utropet til Muhammed som slakta jödane med sine eigne hender i Haybar.”

Muhammed Look Alike-tävling inställd

18 oktober, 2008

”Den Muhammed Look-Alike tävling som skulle gå av stapeln i samband med bokmässan i Frankfurt har ställts in”

Läs hela blogginlägget hos Islamofoben!

Baksi: Svensken var ingen ledare (Expressen)

16 oktober, 2008

Om Kurdo Baksi uttalar sig om hans oskuld jag då är jag övertygad om hans skuld.
Glöm inte klassikern.
-Muhammed var ingen pedofil eftersom det var ett legitimt äktenskap. Pedofili är på en annan nivå, till exempel när man köper sex av barn.

Muslimer protesterar mot yttrandefriheten i Sverige

12 augusti, 2008

Profeten Muhammed är islams heliga person, som inte får kränkas på något vis alls. Inte ens i Sverige får man ifrågasätta islam, och definitivt inte göra något som uppfattas som kränkande av muslimer.

Tekniken vill inte fungera för mig så jag länkar än en gång till bloggen I Mitt Sverige.

Muslimer mot yttrandefrihet