”Likna inte män-då får du smaka piskan”

13 juli, 2009

Trots att inte kristna i Sudan ska omfattas av sharialagen så piskades kvinnor för att ha burit byxor. Några kvinnor har vänt sig till advokat för att slippa piskstraffet för att ha varit oanständigt klädda.

”Sharia Respects Women Alert: ”Sudan women ‘lashed for trousers,'” from the BBC, July 13 (thanks to Kasper):

A group of Sudanese women has been flogged as a punishment for dressing ”indecently”, according to a local journalist who was arrested with them.Lubna Ahmed al-Hussein, who says she is facing 40 lashes, said she and 12 other women wearing trousers were arrested in a restaurant in the capital, Khartoum.

She told the BBC several of the women had pleaded guilty to the charges and had 10 lashes immediately.

Khartoum, unlike South Sudan, is governed by Sharia law.

Several of those punished were from the mainly Christian and animist south, Ms Hussein said.

Non-Muslims are not supposed to be subject to Islamic law, even in Khartoum and other parts of the mainly Muslim north….

Ms Hussein said some women pleaded guilty to ”get it over with” but others, including herself, chose to speak to their lawyers and are awaiting their fates.

Under Sharia law in Khartoum, the normal punishment for ”indecent” dressing is 40 lashes….”

Sudanese women flogged for wearing trousers, Jihad Watch



Denna oanständigt klädda kvinnan riskerar 40 piskrapp

Sudan: Auspeitschung wegen Hosen-Tragens, PI


Likna inte män

Likna inte män
”It was reported in the saheeh ahaadeeth that a woman who imitates men in dress or in other ways is cursed.” ( http://islamqa.com/index.php?ref=6991&ln=eng )
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