Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas”

16 september, 2009

Vissa försitter aldrig chansen, t o m fotbollen ger dem chansen att visa sitt judehat.

Hela inlägget från Jihad Watch:

”Because the chant is ”insulting to Jews.” No kidding, really? Even the fact that this had to be discussed is bad enough. Europe is veering close once again to tolerating the intolerable.

”Anti-Jewish football chants are illegal,” from Dutch News, September 16 (thanks to C. Cantoni):

The Dutch High Court ruled on Tuesday that the chant ‘Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas’ is punishable by law because it is insulting to Jews, reports broadcaster Nos.

The case was brought before the High Court by a football supporter who had been sentenced to 80 hours community service and probation of two years by the lower court.

The man refused to accept the judgement saying the chant forms part of the culture surrounding football. ‘It is not used with the intention of insulting Jews but to provoke other supporters,’ he said in his defence…

Yeah, sure, that’s it.”

Dutch court blocks ”football chant” of ”Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas”, Jihad Watch

”En kommentatör är lakonisk och sammanfattar det hela bra:

anstaafl | September 16, 2009 11:23 AM | Reply

”Hamas, Hamas, you’re an ass.”

Sounds good to me.”