Islamisering av Frankrike genom ”sukuk”

3 oktober, 2009

I Sverige finns särskilda shariafonder och muslimer runt om i världen har sina egna banksystem där de sätter in pengar till olika ändamål.

Som jag förstått har dessa parallella banksystem gett upphov till rättegångar i Sverige, där man försöker att utreda att muslimer inte stödjer terrorism genom dessa medel.

I Frankrike har man nu antagit en ekonomisk lag som bygger på det muslimska begreppet ”sukuk”.

Från bloggen Gallia Watch:

”Despite opposition protests from the Left, the French Parliament has passed a law that authorizes the issuing of Islamic bonds, known as ”sukuk”.

The bill, introduced by UMP deputy Chantal Brunel, has as its main goal the facilitation of access to credit for small and medium-sized businesses. The deputies adopted the same text that the Senate had passed on June 9. Thus the wording of the bill has been definitively adopted by the Parliament. The UMP and Nouveau Centre parties voted for the bill, the Democratic and Republican Left (GDR), the Communist Party (PC) and the Green Party voted against it. The combined socialist parties, known collectively as the SRC, which includes the Socialist Party, the Radical Party and the Diverse Left, also voted against it.

The Socialists were highly critical of an amendment introduced by the Senate, and supported by the government, that proposes to modify the civil code to allow the issuance, from Paris, of financial tools that conform to the principles of Islamic finance.

”They are introducing Islamic law into the framework of the French legal system,” said Henri Emmanuelli, of the Socialist Party. ”That shocks us deeply. It’s unacceptable. It has become ‘anything goes'”.

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Bilder från kristna kyrkogårdar i muslimska länder

3 oktober, 2009

Saxat från bloggen Gallia Watch, en engelskspråkig blogg som främst bevakar nyheter i Frankrike och i fransktalande länder:

The two photos (above and below) are of the Sidi-Bel-Abbes Christian cemetery in Algeria, located about 50 miles southwest of Oran. They were posted at Le Salon Beige with no other explanation or clarification. Some angry LSB readers objected to the absence of information, and this comment was posted by the person who submitted the photos for publication:

I must come to the rescue of Michel Janva (the administrator of Le Salon Beige) since I’m the one responsible for this argument.

I’m from Oran, and am a member of the historical committee CLAN (Liaison Committee of Associations of Frenchmen of North Africa). The photos are from 2009. We have a committee in charge of the cemeteries in Algeria that gathers information on the condition of our cemeteries. A year ago, France decided to bring together the remains from several necropolises of smaller cities into one or two large cemeteries. The condition of the sites is disastrous and has been since independence. We can provide detailed documentation that covers more than thirty years of observations.

The military cemeteries have not been spared. As an example, the cemetery of Mers-el-Kébir, where the tombs were smashed a few years ago. The Algerian government did not agree to clean them up unless there were no more crosses, just a simple stone on the graves. The bones were emptied out and placed in a pile.

We received the photos from Oran Tamashouet – a large necropolis if ever there was one. Its indescribable condition proves that there is a conscious will to sully the graves. My family is buried there, and I hope you will spare me any further reckless comments (…)

Note: He is referring to those comments questioning the authenticity of the photos. ”

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