En muslim får inte dödas för att han dödat en kristen…

12 oktober, 2009

Fyra sudanska islamister ska hängas för ett mord på en amerikansk diplomat och dennes inhemske chaufför, en önskan som modern till amerikanen och hustrun till chauffören hade. Men försvaret såg annorlunda på saken:

”One of the defendants, Mohammed Osman Yusef, shouted after sentencing: ”You cannot killed a Muslim because he killed a Christian.”

Dressed in a traditional white robe, the bearded Yusef, a former military officer, also accused the United States of killing Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan.

”Islamic law condemns murder, regardless of the nationality or religion (of the victim,” the judge said. Some Muslim scholars say a Muslim can be punished, but not executed, for killing a non-Muslim.

The judge added that according to Islamic law Granville was a ”dhimmi” in Sudan, referring to the status of non-Muslims in an Islamic state that affords them protection and a waiver from army service, in return for a tax.

Sudanese law does not recognise non-Muslims in the country as dhimmis….

It said the murder was in response to attempts to raise the banner of Christianity over Sudan, the largest country in Africa.…”

You cannot kill a Muslim because he killed a Christian”, Jihad Watch