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The European Union must change because it is unprepared to face today’s challenges,”

19 Jul, 2022 18:40
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European parliament should be dissolved – Hungary
Hungarian MPs have passed a resolution on desired changes in the EU, including an army and greater powers for the member states
European parliament should be dissolved – Hungary
FILE PHOTO: A general view inside the European Parliament is seen in Strasbourg, France, on May 11, 2016 © Getty Images / Christopher Furlong
The Hungarian parliament has passed a resolution demanding Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government pursue the nation’s “vision” for the future of the European Union. The document put forward by several MPs, including from Orban’s Fidesz Party, seeks the dissolution of the European Parliament in its present form, as well as veto power for member states on any EU legislation.

“The European Union must change because it is unprepared to face today’s challenges,” says the resolution published on the website of parliament. It especially criticized the “ill-considered” sanctions the EU imposed on Russia over its military action in Ukraine, adding that their economic fallout has affected Hungarian citizens. The document was endorsed by 130 MPs, while 50 voted against it.

According to the resolution, “only strong and capable member states are able to protect their citizens.” The task of the bloc must thus lie with supporting its member states “in effective crisis management,” the document says, adding that the current EU treaty framework “is not suitable to serve as the basis for cooperation in the era of crises.”

National parliaments should also have the right to veto “unwanted EU legislation” and national governments and lawmakers should be able to propose new bills at the EU level, the document says. Other suggestions include creating a “common European army” to ensure the continent is able to “defend itself,” as well as protecting native European minorities and recognizing Europe’s Christian and cultural roots as “the basis of European integration.” Integration should also no longer be perceived as a “goal in itself” but serve as a “means” to support the member states’ “national freedom.”

EU börjar mer likna en diktatur som följer direktiv från New world order kreatur.




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