Kremenchuk inferno – BBC ”unable to verify”

Sanningen dör först.

All the Goss

Whenever you read a BBC article, or hear a report, which contains the words ”unable to verify” you can be almost certain it is another false-flag. This time the ”Russian attack” took place in a town, Kremenchuk, which is more than 100 miles from the conflict zone. Ask yourself:

  • Who would gain from striking a civilian area far, far away from the action while the G7 summit is meeting?
  • Why is the car-park almost empty when Zelensky said there were a 1,000 people in the shopping mall?
  • Why would Russia, so patiently waiting for the evacuation of civilians from the Azot chemical plant, suddenly decide to strategically target civilians?
  • Why is there only one fire-engine at the scene?
  • How much easier would it be to stage an event where there was no military action, than in the conflict zone?
  • Who has a reputation for staging false flags which have…

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