Lieutenant General Trevor Cadieu and Azovstal

Sanningen kommer att komma fram till slut.

All the Goss

For the last three days civilians held in the tunnels of the Azovstal industrial complex have been evacuated during ceasefire intervals agreed by Russia for that purpose. Up to now 182 civilians have been released in these latest evacuations. Russian media outlet Ria Novosti reports that those wishing to go to Kiev-held territory have been handed over to the Red Cross and representatives of the UN.

Equally, those civilians wishing to evacuate to Russian territory have also been helped by the Red Cross. Russia has been offering humanitarian corridors in both directions since at least late March. Remember, it is less than two months since Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister, Irina Vereschuk, accused the Red Cross of ‘working for the enemy’ in allowing civilians who wanted to evacuate to Russia any such option.

In typical MSM-fashion The Guardian and BBC sowed the seeds of ”unwilling abductions” by Russian authorities for these…

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