Har ni lagt märke till att det är bara västvärlden som drabbas? Kan det vara så att de i kabalerna räknar med att bara den utvecklade världen som skulle kunna göra motstånd.


Just a week ago Africa who only has a 6% vax rate had the least amount of cases anywhere.  They opted out of the vax.  No widespread, no lockdowns, no jab deaths or injuries.  Now google is scrubbing all articles relating to those stats.  All the sudden the scary new variant pops up in Africa(one of only 2 countries not accepting vax who also have low covid rates) and boom the world goes back to lockdown.  We have people dropping dead worldwide in damn near fully vaxxed countries. The hospitals are filled with fully vaxxed covid patients and organ failures, peri and myocarditis.  High rates of still borns and miscarriages.  Reports of infertility.  Countries have contracts with Pfizer that are lock and key.  2 countries said no…..2!!  They couldn’t get their claws into Africa.  Now a new variant.  Bullshit!!!!   I call absolute bullshit.  A perfectly healthy country doesn’t fall that quickly.  This is a setup for worldwide lockdown.  Biden just cut off travel to Africa as a scare tactic.  Now leaders will be forced to make decisions in Africa or feel the wrath.  Cases will start rising like a tidal wave and people will die.  Not from covid.  They will die from the Remdesivir, the ventilators, and most importantly the damn vaccines.  Those of us who have natural immunity will be further persecuted.   This is the final major push before we lose our last bit of freedom.  Stock up on food, ammo, propane, fuel.

One Response to Covid….

  1. petergrafstrm skriver:

    vad jag har förstått har afrika kunnat fortsätta med sin malariamedicin och den lär skydda mot covid


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