Why Big Pharma Supports Biden, Fauci and Pelosi

Vilka är de och varför?

Clever Journeys

“I don’t want their money,” President Donald J. Trump announced at an Atlanta drug addiction event in 2019. “They have got to do what is right.”

Trump’s announcement against Big Pharma brought shockwaves throughout the halls of Congress, the Senate and Deep State Capitol Hill.

He was actually rejecting campaign contributions from the powerful pharmaceutical industry, calling them out for their role in the national opioid addiction epidemic.

Trump’s administration continued with their scrutiny of pharmaceutical companies–despite mainstream media and Democratic counter attacks–as part of his initiative to combat addiction to prescription painkillers.

The week before Trump’s declaration, Federal prosecutors charged opioid distributor Rochester Drug Cooperative and its former chief executive with felonies — the first case of its kind related to the opioid crisis.

“We are holding big pharma accountable,” Trump said.

Dr. Anthony Fauci was visibly upset. He went into high gear with phone calls, emails and personal…

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