‘Dangerous period’ for Europe: Hungary says suspected ISIS fighter found with EU debit card.

A suspected Islamic State terrorist, who sought asylum in Europe, reportedly received a prepaid debit card meant for refugees from the European Union. The incident reflects a dangerous new period for Europe, an analyst told RT.
Hungarian counter-terrorism officers apprehended a Syrian national, in Budapest last week, who had been identified as a high-ranking member of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL). The suspected terrorist, posing as a refugee, reportedly received a prepaid debit card from the EU upon his arrival in Europe – one of 64,000 individuals to receive the taxpayer-subsidized cards.

While the EU insists that a strict screening process is used to ensure the euro handouts reach the right people, the Hungarian government has argued that the embarrassing discovery highlights grave the security threat facing Europe, as jihadists fleeing the Middle East seek refuge abroad.

Philip Ingram, a former British military intelligence officer, agreed, telling RT that Europe must become more diligent as Islamic militants flee Syria and Iraq.

“We’re seeing a time of transition. They’ll transition into something different. This is a very, very dangerous and difficult period, and we need to monitor that transition very closely, to be able to identify and track known jihadists that are coming through,” he said.

EU betalar de som vill mörda oss.



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