Greece: Rioting Terrorists Threaten to “Kill Kids” if Demands Not Met

Man kan tycka det är konstigt att detta inte är stora nyheter i Svensk PK-media. Men då skall ni se att PK-isterna skulle på tala hur desperata bidragsinvandrarna är.

”Migrants in the Greek migrant camp on the island of Chios have burned down their tents, and some have threatened to kill children in protest of asylum waiting times.

Police have arrested several migrants who started a riot in the migrant camp on the Greek island of Chios. The camp, which houses more than 1,500 migrants who have travelled from Turkey into Greece, saw at least 40 people participate in the rioting.

The rioters proceeded to burn down their own tents, trash various areas of the camp and one man threatened to kill both his wife and their child, Die Welt reports.

The Chios camp has become notorious for the prevalence of rioting and violence that has taken place over the past few months since the implementation of the European Union (EU) migrant deal with Turkey.  Though around 1,500 migrants live in the camp the total number of migrants on the island exceeds 8,500 as the fabled migrant deal with Turkey has resulted in very few deportations. Migrants on the islands have chosen to seek asylum in Greece rather than be deported.

Migrants on the islands have chosen to seek asylum in Greece rather than be deported.The frustration for many of the migrants lies with the fact that due to their claiming asylum in Greece they are no longer permitted to leave the country; many are not even allowed to leave the island of Chios itself. The giant wave of applications to avoid deportation has also meant that the Greek authorities face massive delays in processing asylum claims. Migrants may be looking at waiting times of up to several months before a decision can be made on their cases. In March, at the now cleared Idomeni camp near the Macedonian border, children were used as a bargaining tool by migrants who laid infants on train tracks to protest the closure of Europe’s “racist” border.”

Man kan se att det är samma mönster. Får de uppehålls tillstånd i Grekland skall ni snart se att de har vägarna förbi hela Europa enbart för sköna Norden. Där bidragen är bättre.




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