Britons are suspicious towards Muslims, study finds

I UK börjar allt peka mot det negativa med invandringen. Jag har inte sett att detta publicerats i Sverige alls. Men rekommenderar er att läsa artikeln.

”More than half the population would be strongly opposed to a mosque being built in their neighbourhood, the study found.

A large proportion of the country believes that the multicultural experiment has failed, with 52 per cent considering that Britain is deeply divided along religious lines and 45 per cent saying that religious diversity has had a negative impact.  The findings, to be published later this month in the respected British Social Attitudes Survey, show that far greater opposition to Islam than to any other faith and reveal that most people are willing to limit freedom of speech in an attempt to silence religious extremists.
The “size and visibility” of Islamic communities has led to serious concerns about their impact on British society, Prof Voas concludes.
“This apparent threat to national identity (or even, some fear, to security) reduces the willingness to accommodate free expression. ”

Islam och dess effekter får mer och mer folk att tycka att det är en avskyvärd religion.



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