Libyen kräver att Schweiz delas och upphör som land.

Japp, Muammar Gaddafi är en riktigt stolle. Från The telegraph.

”The Alpine country should be folded into France, Germany and Italy, according to the bizarre proposal.
However, the motion never came before the council because it was dismissed as against the principals of the UN charter, a spokesman for the multi-national body said.  According  to the charter, no member country can threaten the existence or sovereignty of another.
The incident followed a diplomatic dispute after Hannibal Gaddafi and his wife Aline, were held by police in July 2008, accused of assaulting their servants at a Geneva hotel.  The couple were freed on bail after two days in custody. The complaint against them was dropped after a lawyer for their servants, a Moroccan and a Tunisian, said they had received an undisclosed amount in compensation.”

Som sagt en riktigt stolle.


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