Geert Wilders parti störst i mätningar

Geert Wilders parti PVV är störst i mätningar i Holland, och det spekuleras på sina håll om han kommer att bli Hollands nästa premiärminister.

Inte mig emot alls, jag hoppas verkligen på Geert Wilders! Han vore bra för hela Europa.

”THE HAGUE. For the first time, the Party for Freedom (PVV) is the top-scoring party in both leading opinion polls. Geert Wilders’ party reached this position in Maurice de Hond’s poll three months ago, and has now come top in the Synovate poll as well.

According to the Synovate Political Barometer, the PVV would win 32 of the 150 Lower House seats if elections were held now. This makes it the largest party, although the Christian Democrats (CDA) also score 32 seats. The PVV currently holds 9 Lower House seats and the CDA 41.”

Geert Wilders Now Biggest Party in All Polls,

”Maurice de Hond’s polls show PVV winning roughly 32 seats as well. A third poll, the TNS NIPO, shows PVV winning 28 seats to 24 for the CDA. If PVV were to win the plurality of Parliament seats, Wilders would be called to assemble the Netherlands’ next ruling coalition.”

Geert Wilders – the Next Dutch PM?,

Läs om Sharialagar, barngiften och polygami i Holland:

”In a way, we already have two parallel legal systems: some things are illegal for non-Muslims but not for Muslims”, Jihad Watch


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