Muslimskt kulturarbete

Det är inte bara Mohamed Omar, som vill skriva om vikingarnas historia eftersom han anser att inte så få av dem var vikingar, det är fler muslimer som tar hand om det historiska förflutna:

Robin Shadowes lämnade denna kommentar:

”Mer om muslimsk historieförfalskning:

In all the cultures where Islam has become ascendant, the Muslim authorities have attempted to rewrite the history of the conquered lands to obliterate the memory of anything that went before Islam. By this method the cultural contribution of civilizations that preceded Islam — during jahiliyah, “the days of ignorance” — is minimized, denigrated, and distorted.

Muslim Academic Sliced Out Sections of Priceless Collection

Harvard-educated Farhad Hakimzadeh, 60, used a Stanley knife to cut out pages, plates and maps from up to 150 historic books. To the untrained eye the damage is barely visible. Yet within the handbound pages of books charting how Europeans travelled to Mesopotamia, Persia and the Mogul empire from the 16th century onwards, the damage caused by one Iranian academic to a priceless British Library collection is irreversible.”

Ett annat exempel på muslimska kulturarbetare hade bloggen inne innan jul:

Julhälsning från muslimer i adventstid



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