Tio shariadomstolar i Storbritannien

”SHARIA-DOMSTOLAR i Storbritannien fäller avgöranden i äktenskapsfrågor, skriver Telegraph (080826).
Inofficiella sharia-domstolar avgör människors äktenskap. Tio har redan verksamhet över hela landet. Omkring 95 procent av deras fall rör äktenskapliga frågor.”
Läs mer: bloggen MXp

”Although the hearings have no basis in British law, they are attended voluntarily by Muslim couples to settle disputes with- out referral to the recognised authorities. In some cases they can order wives to be more attentive to their husbands’ needs, or deal with releasing spouses from bad or forced marriages. The first Muslim court was established in Birmingham in 1982 and others have followed in London and the Yorkshire towns of Rotherham and Dewsbury.”


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